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About This Blog

About From The Hip

Paul MetheneyI have a blog for my businesses, www.metheney.com/blog, which focuses on the latest projects from Metheney Consulting and Our Marketing Group. I even write and edit a blog for paintball news in the Southeast U.S. (http://TangoAlpha2.com). I write for client web sites and blogs and have to write with their best interests and business goals in mind. I write for national magazines which provides advertising sales-oriented, sanitized media coverage of paintball events and edutorials.

But what I needed was a place to vent personal ideas, thoughts, reviews, personal news, bits about my writing, rants against stupidity, and whatever is on my mind at the moment. Thus, From The Hip (http://PaulMetheney.com) was born. God only knows what you’ll find here. I’m making it up as I go. I have a tendency to speak my mind and ‘politically correct be damned!’.

I call it “part of my charm”. Melinda says its why we have no friends.

To thine own self be true.” – William Shakespeare, Hamlet.

Nut up or shut up.” – Woody Harrelson, Zombieland.

You can subscribe to this blog by clicking this link and have it delivered to your email or an RSS aggregator (reader). I have no idea if anyone will read this or not, but my therapist says it’s healthy to express my true feelings and get it all out. (His doctors say he’ll be back on solid foods in a few weeks.)