Apple Watch… JUNE?!?!


Apple Watch boarding pass  may have you on time..

Apple Watch boarding pass may have you on time..

So.. okay. I forgot to get up at 3:00am Eastern Time and order my Apple Watch online. From what I heard, there was a server meltdown anyway and the Apple web server was out for a while. So I woke up at 8am and immediately ordered the Apple Watch online. The online Apple shopping cart system tells me I won’t get the Apple watch till JUNE????   JUNE??? Plus Apple Care and tax, we are talking about paying $480 for a watch and it will take 2 months to ship to my house? In what universe does that sound right?

Some Apple Watch third party apps.

There are literally hundreds of 3rd party developer apps for the Watch and it has only been released for about 6 hours. Imagine how many will appear in the next few months.

  • Twitter – monitor and respond to your Twitter feed on your wrist via voice. Pretty cool.
  • American Airlines boarding passes– swipe with your wrist and fly. Paper tickets not needed.
  • Shazam – from your wrist. Will not only identify songs but show you the lyrics in real time on your wrist.
  • Evernote – adds voice texts and pictures to your Evernote database (and syncs it to all your Evernote devices)

applewatch15-01FREE and direct with your Apple Watch…

  • iPhone Camera Remote viewer and control

    iPhone Camera Remote viewer and control

    Remote control viewfinder for your iPhone Camera App. Set up your iPhone camera and see what it sees. This will take selfies to a whole new level.


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