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A Tsuanami of Stupid - disaster preparednessWhen something bad happens (celebrity disease, a J-Lo divorce, a tsunami), a large of portion of humanity loses their collective minds in an effort to jump on the Disaster Band Wagon.  A recent article in the Charlotte Observer, titled “Northwest Not Prepared to Survive Tsunami” described how the town of Cannon Beach, Oregon, is not adequately prepared to survive an earthquake-created tsunami, much like the one that devastated Japan in March. Seriously? Let the countdown to moronic begin…

Doomsayers are never wrong… eventually!

The article goes on to say that “Scientists say it’s inevitable that the offshore seismic menace (called the Cascadia Subduction Zone) will ONE DAY unleash a megaquake.Well… duh. Eventually, the sun will burn out. Not very likely it’s going to happen on my watch, but hey! you never know.

Jay Raskin, former city council member [of Cannon Beach] is terrified of the prospect” of a Japanese-like tsunami. So much so, he has proposed REBUILDING the seismically unsound City Hall with a NEW two story one… wait for it… “on stilts”.      And there it is. The first floor would be offices, the second floor would be… and again it comes…      “a terrace”. This terrace would be a refuge for about 1500 people should the Big One hit. Even according to Jay, this would add to the $4 million budget for a new courthouse. Continue reading

Poker in San Juan Puerto Rico Pt.2

[flickr align=”right” hspace=”10″]photo:5287336624[/flickr]Puerto Rico Poker Patterns

Night three: I called the Marriott, which is supposed to have some poker tables, but it is in the Condado section of San Juan, which is about a 15 minute cab ride and we had already had that adventure today, so we stayed close to the InterContinental again. At 4 PM, I peeked into the casino and sure enough, one of the four poker tables was full. About 7 PM, we hit the casino and it took about 40 minutes to get seated at one of the three active tables. All $2-5 no limit hold ’em. Not quite as boisterous as the previous two nights. Almost sane. The 2-5 game very rarely had a pot over a few hundred dollars and only once up to about $500. By comparison, the Hollywood Casino in Indiana this summer featured $1200 pots as the rule not the exception, with some being nearly $3000. This means, with the Puerto Rico rake as high as it is, the jackpot rake, and the blinds, it is hard to make more than a hundred or two per night.   Continue reading

Poker in San Juan Puerto Rico Pt.1

[flickr align=”right” hspace=”10″]photo:5286735135[/flickr]The InterContinental Casino & Puerto Rican Poker Rooms

I chose to stay at the InterContinental because from what little I could find online, it had one of the better poker rooms in Puerto Rico. First, I was under the mistaken impression that the casino was more formal. We were informed that shorts were fine and I am okay with that. A sign said no ball caps, but there several at the poker table, but turned backwards. I figure it is for the security cameras. And yet sunglasses are okay, although very few people wear them. Not sure what the thought process behind that is, but whatever! Not my casino. Continue reading

Pass on Puerto Rico

SanJuan2010_793_02Blue Water, White Sand… Not so Much

The ocean is not crystal blue. More of a sandy, murky green. The Isla Verda area is protected by a reef so the big waves aren’t hammering the beach as they do in the Old San Juan area, but there are some strong curls. It’s not the transparent blue water you see on Caribbean commercials. Zero visibility of a dirty green that blends to a darker green. If you’re looking for crystal clear blue water, keep looking. Continue reading

Puerto Rico Part 1

I was researching vacation locations and there was very minimal information about certain specifics regarding Puerto Rico, poker there, and the InterContinental Resort & Casino. I will  segment it so you can read only the parts that may interest you. There was a lot to cover so this may be in several parts. Continue reading

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