Now a Published Author!

Now a Published Author!

Charlotte Writers Group anthology It's About Time
Charlotte Writers Group anthology, It’s About Time

What can’t this boy do? (Give birth, get rich, & be incredibly handsome come to mind.) Well, all that aside, Paul is now a published author. Again. A few years ago, he was a featured writer in a variety of sports magazines with over 50 articles published. This May, he has two short stories published in the Charlotte Writers Group anthology, It’s About Time.

In even better news, Paul is under agreement for three more short stories to be published in a private anthology later this year, and another book featuring a collection of his short stories (early next year), while he works (occasionally) on his first novel. Sleep is so overrated.

It’s About Time

In every sense of the phrase. A number of writers from the Charlotte Writers Group contributed a variety of stories for the the nearly 300 page anthology. Labeled speculative fiction, the book crosses many genres with an overlying theme that each story is about an aspect of Time.

Past, present and future. Time is the one dimension and universal constant in all our lives and stories. From time travel, to past loves, to impending deadlines, It’s About Time carries you through a variety of creative tales involving the common thread and the most valuable commodity: Time. From the twisted minds of a diverse group of up an coming authors comes this cross-genre collection of short stories, each a tale involving Time in all its aspects.

The Making of the Inaugural Anthology

The back cover of Charlotte Writers Group anthology, It's About Time
The back cover of Charlotte Writers Group anthology, It’s About Time

The book was tirelessly edited by Karen Newman, of You talk about herding cats! (and since I was one of those cats, I can get away with saying that!) Karen not only proofread and edited all the stories that went into making the book, but formatted it to be published and spearheaded the entire effort.

The foreword was graciously written by Gail Z. Martin, an accomplished author with nearly twenty books (so far) to her credit. Gail is a real inspiration and mentor to every wannabe writer that knows her.

Kudos to the writers, now officially authors, who contributed to the book. The contents cover every aspect of Time from time travel to lost loves.

So Gimme A Clue Already!

Without giving away too much, Paul’s short stories involve a fictional, alternate history of 1963 and a bit of time travel to Medieval Great Britain. I could tell you  more, but that would be cheating you out of the opportunity to drop $12.99 at Amazon.

We Got It Covered!

Aside from contributing two short stories to the book, Paul’s company, Metheney Consulting, also designed the cover and bookmarks.

Buy Yours Now!

The book is available on for $12.99 and is a 6″ x 9″, nearly 300 page paperback. On Amazon, you can see a sample of one of the stories, the covers, and the Table of Contents.

Charlotte Writers Group

If you are a wannabe writer, or even an accomplished one, in the Charlotte, NC area, and are interested in joining the Charlotte Writers Group, you can check out our get-togethers at the page or go the web site: The group critiques a couple of writer’s pieces every second Saturday of the month, as well as an educational hour, and meets weekly for an informal Wednesday Nite Write-in to work on their works-in-progress. See you there.

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