RV Mythbusters

RV Mythbusters

RV, recreational vehicle, motorhome, reviewHere are just a few misconceptions people have about transitioning to a full time RV lifestyle (becoming “fulltimers”).

Myth: Life on the open road will bring you, your spouse, and family closer together. Full time life in an RV will bring you daily delights, treasures, and adventures.
Busted: The close quarters will force you to start coming up with new ways to dismember a body that even CSI can’t figure out. The maximum legal square footage for a motorhome is 450 sq. ft. of living space. Most motorhomes are 300-400 sq.ft. Compare that to the square footage of the house you now live in. Divide by the number of people that will be living there. Plus pets. The potential for homicide is high.

Myth: Wide Open Spaces – You’ll park your RV overnight in spots of beauty and grandeur, with no one around for miles and an epic sunset to watch every night.
Busted: Your RV will be jammed into a campground space with your neighbors so close, they can help you brush your teeth. RV’s usually require plumbing and electrical hookups,  state legal dumping stations, and legal spots to camp over night. Some municipalities and local governments don’t allow campers to just park ‘anywhere’.

Myth: No more snow. No more cold weather.
Busted: You can definitely move your RV where the weather is always temperate. Just keep in mind, everyone else is doing the same and prices will be raised accordingly.

RV, recreational vehicle, motorhome, reviewMyth: Fulltiming in an RV is almost cost-free.
Busted: Campgrounds with full plumbing and electrical facilities can cost you as much as $60 per night. Fuel, tires, repairs, insurance, food, propane, satellite TV, Internet, cell phone service, sales, taxes, property taxes, bank fees, postage, and federal income taxes. We can go on if you like.

Myth: You’ll spend less on food.
Busted: You’ll actually spend MORE on food since more than occasionally you will be eating in restaurants and even when you prepare your own meals, you won’t be able to buy in bulk savings. Smaller quantities (because you don’t have the storage room, costs more. Be prepared to add about 25% to your current food budget.