Soon to be published again!

Soon to be published again!

Soon to be published in Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths by Left Hand PublishersI am happy to announce that two of my short stories  are soon to be published in the upcoming anthology, Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths. The first story is about a mortal on the cliff’s edge of suicide, bartering with a being he thinks may be God. The second story illustrates Life and Death wagering on the same man, how he arrived at the edge of suicide, and whether he will choose Life or Death.

Left Hand Publishers, LLC is producing the anthology, which will go on sale in mid-to-late November of 2017 in time for the holiday season.

These two stories have a slight supernatural/metaphysical lilt to them but are ultimately about one man trying to come to grips with the state of his life and choosing between life and death.

“Life asked Death, ‘Why do people love me, but hate you?
Death responded, ‘Because you are a beautiful lie, and I am a painful truth.’ ”


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