Spyder Owners Event, Maggie Valley NC

Spyder Owners Event, Maggie Valley NC


Can-Am Spyder owners are like Apple Mac enthusiasts. With an almost cult-like devotion, Spyder owners LOVE the three wheeled bikes. Once a year, BRP hosts SpyderFest in Cuba, MO and then an owner’s event. The Owner’s Event this year was in Maggie Valley, NC. Our trip included that, plus a stop at East TN ATV, & Lamonster’s BBQ!

The Ryde to Maggie Valley

Nynster suited upf for wet weather
Nynster suited up for wet weather

Our ride from Charlotte, NC to Maggie Valley started out hot. Laser beam sun, sizzle your shorts, 100 degree HOT. (( What do you expect for mid-July? )) That lasted the first 100 miles until it turned to rain, wind and storms. The weather wasn’t a concern, but slick, unknown roads made the last 50 miles… interesting.

During a side trip in Saluda (top try and escape the traffic of the South Carolina side of 26), we navigated some twisty mountain roads and ran across an SUV flipped on its side in the rain. Four wheels! Go figure!

Not So Unique Anymore!

We stayed at the Jonathon Creek Hotel, a quaint, older hotel with small, but clean rooms and not a standard chain. The town of Maggie Valley was crawling with Spyders. The three wheelers exceeded the number of cars on the roads. The town itself is a small, one street town with plenty of small hotels. Plenty of two wheeled motorcycles roamed the street as Maggie Valley is known as a cycle destination, due to the proximity of rides such as Tail of the Dragon, The Rattler, and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We skipped the FREE dinner provided by BRP (thinking it was BBQ). Who knew it was prime rib? We at Legends Sports Bar and had one of the best club sandwiches EVER!

It was bizarre to pull into any parking lot and not be a center of attention with people asking about the unusual cycle. There were so many Can-Ams that in a parking lot, I had to double check to make sure I was getting on the right one!

Owners Event: It’s About Meeting Other Ryders

Due to the long, hot, wet ride there, we crashed early that night, but should have mingled with our fellow ryders as that is part of the experience.Meeting folks @ Lamonster's BBQ

The next morning we woke early and had our bikes at SpyderPop’s area at the Wheels Through Time Museum to have an anti-sway bar and belt guard put on my bike. Strangely, the town of Maggie Valley only lets in a small number of vendors into town and many Spyder ryders were disappointed they couldn’t buy more “farkles” (add-ons) for their favorite toy. People were definitely there to spend money. We met a number of friendly people there but had to rush off to get a (quick?) breakfast and get on the road to Elizabethton.

East Tenn. ATV

In Elizabethton, TN (about 100 miles away) I had an appointment to have a new front tire put on and the alignment checked. The first real repairs I’ve had done to the bike in the two years and 17,000 miles since I’ve had it. It took us a full two hours to race up 26 and be there on time. East Tennessee ATV had moved and expanded their shop to a beautifully large Can-Am and Victory dealership. Family owned, the dealership gives off both a personal and professional vibe that earned them a great reputation.

Lamonster’s or Bust

A couple of hours later, we were on our way to Greeneville, TN, where nationally acknowledged Spyder-guru, Lamonster, lives and is hosting a BBQ on Saturday. A week earlier, the head count for the BBQ was about 500 ryders. Also a week ago, Lamont and his wife Chris were in an accident when a deer jumped in front of them while he was riding his brand new Honda FB6. The bike was totaled, Lamont received some road rash and an injured wrist, but his wife, Chris, took the brunt of it with some major road rash.

Spyder Lover’s turned out by the hundreds. Over 500 ryders and passenger’s parked hundreds of Can-Ams in Lamont’s front yard and finally were able to put faces to the handles they had seen on SpyderLovers.com.

After the event, many met at local restaurants to continue the festivities.

The After Party @ The Quality Inn & Fatz
The After Party @ The Quality Inn & Fatz