Students EARN CPCC Reach IT Certicates

I told her I would put her on the front page if she ducked the photo!

I told her I would put her on the front page if she ducked the photo!

This Spring, Rodney Ringler and I taught the Central Piedmont Community College‘s Reach IT Scholarship program. I taught HTML/CSS (WEB 7211) and Rodney taught the JavaScript/Jquery (WEB 7212) portion of the Front End Junior Web Development Certificate. I audited Rodney’s class to both study another teacher’s teaching style and to freshen my JavaScript skill set. What I learned is: I am definitely from the design side of the web development equation! 

They Definitely Earned It!

Today, the students that could handle the work load (no small task!) and challenge themselves to learn more, were awarded with a Front Junior Web Developer Certificate from CPCC. Rodney handed out the certificates as I took photos.  The dual course challenged students to learn how to code HTML, CSS and JavaScript in a hands-on environment. While there were text books that covered the terminology and basics, it is the one-on-one instruction and personalized focus that makes these classes better than online training or video education. The ability to ask the instructor questions and get personalized assistance make these classes stand out. These are just some of the students that attended the 64 program.


Reach IT Scholarship

The CPCC program is a great deal for anyone wanting to improve their career path or find work in the web development industry. (No one can take one set of courses and be an expert in any field, but this is a great way to begin to get your web development tool set.) Students apply and must qualify for the scholarship. Being un- or under employed, a resident of Mecklenburg, and some work experience are part of the requirements. This course was a two-part, 16 week course that spent half the sessions learning HTML & CSS and the other half getting the basics of JavaScript and JQuery.

About the Instructor

Paul Metheney, Metheney Consulting, Our Marketing Group

Paul Metheney, Metheney Consulting, Our Marketing Group

With nearly three decades of advertising, Internet marketing, and management experience Paul Metheney brings his expertise to instruct part-time at Central Piedmont Community College. Paul brings a diverse set of skills including marketing, technology, and brand strategy.

Paul’s decades of management experience focuses on marketing and Internet communications. Expert in social media, search engine optimization, email campaigns, blog development, graphic design, and web design, Paul excels in promoting organizations through the latest and most appropriate technological marketing venues.

Experienced in Real World Web Development & Marketing

Paul is president and Senior Consultant of Our Marketing Group and its parent company, Metheney Consulting, Inc. while Paul has been working in Internet management since 1993, Metheney Consulting has been providing clients with expert advice, consulting, and websites since 1997. Prior to working in Internet, Paul worked as a graphic designer and art director for nearly a decade as well as management in the entertainment industry.

With an MBA from the McColl School of Business at Charlotte’s Queen University, Paul is one of those rare individuals who combines a creative advertising & marketing design background with a profound aptitude for the emerging electronic media field and business. From technical expertise to methodical project management skills, Paul embodies the “big picture” thinking required in today’s internet, intranet and marketing arenas.

Paul can be contacted at

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