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Apple Watch… JUNE?!?!

So.. okay. I forgot to get up at 3:00am Eastern Time and order my Apple Watch online. From what I heard, there was a server meltdown anyway and the Apple web server was out for a while. So I woke up at 8am and immediately ordered the Apple Watch online. The online Apple shopping cart system …

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Apple Watch P.1

Remote Control your Apple TV from your Apple Watch

I have had some friends that have some ambiguous feelings about the upcoming Apple Watch. Let’s just say… I am not one of them. I feel that the Apple Watch will be the next step in personal computing in that it brings many of the best features of an iPhone to our wrists and therefore …

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Apple iPhone 5

Electronics at the poker table

Today’s rumor is that Apple is holding off on a new OS5 & iPhone 5 until at least September! UPDATED: 9/24/12 over a year after we wrote about the delay of the iPhone5, it came out! With a new data connection so now all of our accessories don’t work!