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All-Star Radio Interview

All-Star Radio Interview on The Writer’s Edge Paul K. Metheney will be one of the guests on the Writer’s Edge podcast, on Friday, December 29th at 4 pm in their all-star radio interview. The Internet radio show, hosted by McKensie Stewart, an author, educator, and entrepreneur living in Charlotte, NC, will be the All-Star show, as …

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Daytona Beach Bike Week 2016

Wanted to give Melinda the whole Daytona experience. See the pictures below… Riding on the beach – CHECK Rode by my old apartment on Highland Avenue – CHECK Boot Hill Saloon – CHECK bought her a Boot Hill 75th Anniversary shirt Showed her my old apartment behind Boot Hill Saloon – CHECK Speedway – BRP demos & owners’ …

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Texas Hold’em Poker Lessons pt.1 Basic Rules

Poker Table

Texas Hold’em Basic Rules. If you know the basics, skip this page. This article is for the people that know absolutely nothing about the game. I promise to keep it brief. Mike Sexton of the World Poker Tour (WPT) often says, “Texas Hold’em takes only minutes to learn and a lifetime to master.” He’s not …

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Summer of Fun 2013 Begins in January

Say what you will about us… The Metheney Family knows how to enjoy life! They may put a lot of things n our tombstone, but “Died of Boredom” won’t be one of them!

It’s the End of The World

And I feel fine! Dec. 21st, according to the Mayan calendar is supposed to herald the end of the world. But just in case I am wrong and Dec. 21st really is the end of life as we know it, I thought I should come up with a few ideas on… How to spend your last day on Earth!