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Poker Lessons pt.2 Logistics: Etiquette

Poker Room Etiquette

Before we get into how to better play the game, let’s go over some things so you at least don’t embarrass yourself in a casino or a pretty professionally run home game. There’s no right place to start with this, so I will just do a brain dump and see what pops out. When You …

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Texas Hold’em Poker Lessons pt.0

Paul Metheney

I’ve had a few friends ask me “how to play poker?” and against my better judgement, I thought I would help out. Rather than give them lessons, I thought it might be better to write it up as blog articles. I also figured it might help me tighten up my game bit. I am by …

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Poker in Aruba Pt.4

The Best Poker Room in the Caribbean, It is also the only island to spread a Pot Limit Omaha game, 6 tables of NL Hold Em. Full tables unlike St. Martin. Longer hours than anywhere else in the islands. If you are looking for an island to play poker, I heavily recommend the Holiday Inn Aruba.

Poker in Aruba Pt.3

Be mindful of collusion. In 2007, the Radisson left a bad taste in my mouth. There’s No Sleeping in Poker. Poker Tables at the Holiday Inn are jammed into a relatively small room. Tables at the Holiday Inn are jammed into a relatively small room. Poor room design, jammed tables, and the Aruban “whatever” business attitude toward all this make for a disruptive game.

Poker in Aruba Pt.2

First is the Bad Beat Jackpot, Eccentricities of Aruban Poker, Star Wars Cantina, Rake, you can straddle for ANY amount , limpers, don’t be subtle. The Bad Beat Loser gets 50%, the winner gets 25% and the remaining 25% is split up amongst ALL the PLAYERS in the entire room. Combine all those personalities and I expected a Wookie to sit down next to me in the 8 seat at any minute.

Poker in Aruba Pt.1

A multi-part review of poker in Aruba for any other travelers wishing to soak in some great sun, white sand, blue water and poker. The majority of the tables (as in all of the Caribbean) is $2/5 No Limit Hold’em. At least 3 2/5 NL games which condense to 1 table. They also spread a 5/5 Omaha Pot Limit High game.

Poker in San Juan Puerto Rico Pt.2

There is poker in San Juan in 3 casinos, but it is $2-5 games that play like a $1-2 game. The pots don’t get very large so if you are looking to make some money, this is not the place. If you are looking to play tight, it will be boring for you, as they play any two cards. If loud, incessant Spanish chatter doesn’t bother you, you will be better off.

Poker in San Juan Puerto Rico Pt.1

The only games they spread are 9 seated, 2-5 no-limit hold em (my personal favorite) and unlike most Caribbean poker rooms, open at around 4pm (most open at 9 PM) and go to about 3:30am. One downside was the rake. $10 maximum (10% for the first 100.00) PLUS a Royal Flush bonus pulls off of a few more dollars. At times, I watched them rake $12-13 from a relatively small pot.