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Daytona Beach Bike Week 2016

Wanted to give Melinda the whole Daytona experience. See the pictures below… Riding on the beach – CHECK Rode by my old apartment on Highland Avenue – CHECK Boot Hill Saloon – CHECK bought her a Boot Hill 75th Anniversary shirt Showed her my old apartment behind Boot Hill Saloon – CHECK Speedway – BRP demos & owners’ …

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The Lodge at Telico Plains, TN

This weekend the boys of the Thornhill MC (“Bad to the Bone when our wives let us be”) went on a little road trip on our bikes and had a great time. I want ed to make sure we mentioned The Lodge at Telico. In Telico Plains, TN (which is at the end of the …

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U.S. Aryans: “I vas only following orders!”

airline review

What happens when corporate greed becomes more important than customer service? You get a total lack of common sense and employees saying “I vas only following orders.” Holy Nuremberg, Batman! We made reservations online with an airline that almost monopolizes Charlotte’s airways (I will call them U.S.Aryans). The web site screwed up the dates and when …

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Summer of Fun 2013 Begins in January

Say what you will about us… The Metheney Family knows how to enjoy life! They may put a lot of things n our tombstone, but “Died of Boredom” won’t be one of them!

Atlantis Resort, Bahamas Review Pt.2

The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas is a good getaway and we had fun despite the steep prices and hidden charges, but there were a few negatives.

Atlantis Resort, Bahamas, Review

The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas is one of the most complete, beautiful and imaginative resorts ever.  Everyone should go at least once. But it helps if someone else is picking up the tab, because it is also one of the most expensive I have ever been to. I would like to …

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Atlantis S-Greed-1

The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas is one of the most beautiful themed resorts I have ever seen. I won’t ever go back. While the resort offers all you can imagine, the prices, hidden charges and underlying greed of the resort makes it almost painful to enjoy yourself. After 4 days, everyone in our …

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Poker in Aruba Pt.4

The Best Poker Room in the Caribbean, It is also the only island to spread a Pot Limit Omaha game, 6 tables of NL Hold Em. Full tables unlike St. Martin. Longer hours than anywhere else in the islands. If you are looking for an island to play poker, I heavily recommend the Holiday Inn Aruba.

Poker in Aruba Pt.3

Be mindful of collusion. In 2007, the Radisson left a bad taste in my mouth. There’s No Sleeping in Poker. Poker Tables at the Holiday Inn are jammed into a relatively small room. Tables at the Holiday Inn are jammed into a relatively small room. Poor room design, jammed tables, and the Aruban “whatever” business attitude toward all this make for a disruptive game.

Poker in Aruba Pt.2

First is the Bad Beat Jackpot, Eccentricities of Aruban Poker, Star Wars Cantina, Rake, you can straddle for ANY amount , limpers, don’t be subtle. The Bad Beat Loser gets 50%, the winner gets 25% and the remaining 25% is split up amongst ALL the PLAYERS in the entire room. Combine all those personalities and I expected a Wookie to sit down next to me in the 8 seat at any minute.

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