Website Design Certificate Course @CPCC

Website Design Certificate Course @CPCCFebruary 3 – March 26th, 9am – 1pm, Charlotte, NC’s CPCC (Central Piedmont Community College) Continuing Education program is offering a certificate in Website Design at the Harris Campus (room 2107). In this class, you will move closer toward a new or upgraded career path in the world of web design. This course is just one segment in earning your Website Design Certificate and covers a huge amount of material and technologies. While you may not end up being an EXPERT in all of the areas of Web Design, you will learn enough of the basics to be well on your way to advancing your career. Register today!

Upon completion of this course students should be able to:

  • Be able to navigate the Adobe Creative Suite Interface
  • Edit Photos in Photoshop
  • Understand basics of Web Development with Dreamweaver
  • Build structured Web pages with HTML (HyperText Markup Language)
  • Add text and images to Web Pages
  • Create frames, tables, and forms
  • Use CSS to format and design Web pages
  • Follow design process based in best practices
  • Apply color schemes effectively
  • Get an overview of Responsive Layouts
  • Determine the importance SEO when creating a site

What you won’t get with this course (reality check):

  • You won’t be a Photoshop EXPERT. Adobe Photoshop is an extremely complex program and can take years of dedicated usage to master it. You can’t learn all of it in a fraction of a semester. You WILL have a good overview and be able to edit photos for their use in a web site.
  • You won’t be an HTML expert, but you will have a good understanding of HTML and how to edit and create pages.
  • You won’t be expert in CSS. Cascading Style Sheets are very powerful and have nearly an unlimited ability to format text and style in a web site and can do much more than can be included in a portion of semester, including create styles specific for mobile devices, printable page formats and customize experiences for specific operating systems.
  • You won’t be an expert in Color Theory. You  will get a good overview of how color can impact the viewer’s experience and the emotional impact on a site’s brand.
  • You won’t be an SEO expert. Search Engine Optimization is a marketing specialization and can take years to master (especially since search engines keep changing their algorithms). You will get a basic understanding and some experienced insight into how to make your new website more generically search engine friendly.
  • You won’t be an expert in Responsive Layout Design. Responsive layouts allow developers to make web sites that adapt to the device and screen resolution they are displayed on. While you will get an introduction to the coding behind Responsive Design, there is not enough time in the course to master the trial and error, testing, and variables to completely master this technology.

Course Material Will Cover… (or give it the college try!)Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, NC Website Design Certificate Course @CPCC

  • Introduction to Photoshop & Photoshop retouching & Image Modification
  • Introduction to Dreamweaver
    • Design and Layout Tools
    • Live View and Live Code
    • Managing your Website
      • Setting up a new site
  • How websites work
    • Domain names and IP addresses
    • Servers and host
  • HTML Coding
    • HTML Structure, tags and attributes
    • Images and Colors
    • Adding text and Images
    • Hyperlinks, list and formats
    • Styling your pages with CSS
  • Design Layout and Composition
    • Color, texture and typography
  • SEO and Web Content Overview


Basic understanding of Windows and browsers, as well as file creation, storage and management.

Method of Instruction – Instructor led, hands on practice


Exam:  No – there are no tests for these classes, but you WILL absorb the material  :)   We usually give quizzes to self evaluate what you are absorbing  (or not)
Class participation:  Yes – there are verbal discussions, labs, hands on coding and exercises in class
Demonstration of skills:  yes
Attendance: You have to show up to pass.

About the Instructor

Paul Metheney, Metheney Consulting, Our Marketing Group

Paul Metheney, Metheney Consulting, Our Marketing Group

With nearly three decades of advertising, Internet marketing, and management experience Paul Metheney brings his expertise to instruct part-time at Central Piedmont Community College. Paul brings a diverse set of skills including marketing, technology, and brand strategy.

Paul’s decades of management experience focuses on marketing and Internet communications. Expert in social media, search engine optimization, email campaigns, blog development, graphic design, and web design, Paul excels in promoting organizations through the latest and most appropriate technological marketing venues.

Experienced in Real World Web Development & Marketing

Paul is president and Senior Consultant of Our Marketing Group and its parent company, Metheney Consulting, Inc. while Paul has been working in Internet management since 1993, Metheney Consulting has been providing clients with expert advice, consulting, and websites since 1997. Prior to working in Internet, Paul worked as a graphic designer and art director for nearly a decade as well as management in the entertainment industry.

With an MBA from the McColl School of Business at Charlotte’s Queen University, Paul is one of those rare individuals who combines a creative advertising & marketing design background with a profound aptitude for the emerging electronic media field and business. From technical expertise to methodical project management skills, Paul embodies the “big picture” thinking required in today’s internet, intranet and marketing arenas.

Paul can be contacted at

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