Ten Reasons Why A Zombie Apocalypse Would Be Good Thing!

Some people would try and tell you that the potential end of civilization as we know it might be considered a Bad Thing. These people have not really given this the thought it deserves.

The Top Ten Reasons  Why A Zombie Apocalypse Would Be Good Thing!

10. Suddenly, carrying a machete is more of necessity than a fashion risk.
9.   Friends of Keith Richards, Steven Tyler & Meryl Streep may not notice a difference.
8.   People will be in better shape. Cardio vascular work outs will no longer be optional. You get a lot of exercise running from the hordes of the undead.. or else.
7.   The line at the post office will be shorter. Zombies don’t mail.
6.   The landscaping of my lawn will no longer be the homeowner’s association biggest worry.
5.   Nothing will change at Wal-mart.
4.   Because zombies eat brains, Mensa, the AV club, and the chess club will go first. No one will notice. Dumb blondes will be completely safe.
3.   The NRA can finally say, “I told you so.”
2.   You can shoot complete morons in the head and just say, “They turned.”
1.   Honey Boo Boo will most likely go off the air when we lose all power and cable.