All-Star Radio Interview

All-Star Radio Interview

All-Star Radio Interview: Paul K. Metheney, author, educator, marketer
Paul K. Metheney, author, educator, marketer

All-Star Radio Interview on The Writer’s Edge

Paul K. Metheney will be one of the guests on the Writer’s Edge podcast, on Friday, December 29th at 4 pm in their all-star radio interview. The Internet radio show, hosted by McKensie Stewart, an author, educator, and entrepreneur living in Charlotte, NC, will be the All-Star show, as guests from previous shows are invited back to discuss their fields of expertise. Paul is an author, a marketing expert of over 30 years, and the marketing consultant for Left Hand Publishers. He will be discussing marketing for authors, brands, and books on the show.

McKensie Stewart, an author, educator, and entrepreneur living in Charlotte, NC
McKensie Stewart, an author, educator, and talk show personality

About McKensie Stewart

After a career change, McKensie discovered her love for writing. She is passionate about teaching and inspiring others to follow their dreams. McKensie Stewart’s book, Shattered, An Emily Graham Novel, is the first in her series.

Paul was previously a guest on McKensie’s show on Sept 15th. You can go to The Writer’s Edge website and scroll down to the September 15th show to hear it.


About Paul K. Metheney, the Author: Paul was the featured author for dozens of sports magazine articles, has four stories published in recent anthologies (most recently Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths), a contract to have more published in anthologies coming out early this year, is contracted for a collection of his own short stories, and is working on a much-delayed novel or two. Paul's company, Metheney Consulting, has been contracted to work as a marketing liaison and book cover designer for Left Hand Publishers.

Paul has nearly three decades working in advertising design, print, and graphic design. For the last twenty-five years or so, he has been working in the web design, SEO, PPC, social media, and marketing fields, including writing marketing copy for his client's blogs and social media on various subjects. Oh, yeah. He teaches those subjects as well at the local community college. Paul can be reached at his blog on writing, teaching, poker, travel, reviews, and all things politically incorrect at, on Twitter, and on Facebook. His Amazon author profile can be found at:

Despite a multifaceted nature, Paul is definitely 'what you see is what you get'. No hidden agendas. No having to guess what’s on his mind. He is wide open. Usually TOO wide open if you ask his wife, Melinda. Paul is happily married to his one-time, high school sweetheart, loves riding his Can-Am Spyder motorcycle, sporadically smokes a good cigar, and is an avid poker enthusiast. Paul is owned and cared for by two small Shitzus.

To learn more, visit his web site, dedicated to writing, teaching, poker, reviews, all things politically incorrect, and posts revealing genuine stupidity in the world: or email him at