Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths Now Available Online!

Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths by Left Hand PublishersI am proud to be a contributing author in Left Hand Publishers’ latest anthology,  Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths, available now on Amazon.  Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths is a mixed genre anthology from authors all around the globe. The short stories range from the supernatural and fantastic to thrillers that could be ripped from tomorrow’s headlines.

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Soon to be published again!

Soon to be published in Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths by Left Hand PublishersI am happy to announce that two of my short stories  are soon to be published in the upcoming anthology, Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths. The first story is about a mortal on the cliff’s edge of suicide, bartering with a being he thinks may be God. The second story illustrates Life and Death wagering on the same man, how he arrived at the edge of suicide, and whether he will choose Life or Death.

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Cincinnati Zoo: Solar Screw Up!

The Cincinnati Zoo is proclaiming itself as “the Greenest Zoo in America“.  I would like to add to their accolades: “the Most Fiscally Moronic Zoo in America“. The Cinci Zoo (a few years ago now) completed a canopy of 6,400 solar panels that will reduce their electric bill by 20%. Their annual electric bill is $700,000. 20% of $700k is $140,000. The solar panel project cost $11 million.  That’s right. Eleven. Million. Dollars. At $140k per year in savings, they will break even in 78.5 years. Does anyone but me think this doesn’t add up? Continue reading

Sexting, Child Porn & Parental Idiocy

Sexting: Not just for the NFL anymoreA few years ago, a New York Times syndicated story broke about 8th grader, Margarite, sexting a full frontal nude photo of herself to her (also) 8th grade boyfriend, Isaiah. As 8th graders do, they broke up soon. He forwards the text to pretty much everyone. A couple of “mean girls” adds the near-compulsory: “If you think this girl is a whore, text this to all your friends.” Of course, it goes viral. Enter outraged parents & school boards. Criminal charges were brought against the boyfriend, the 2 mean girls for felony Child Pornography. Of course, after mea culpas all around, charges were lowered and with some community service, everyone walks. Poor Margarite. She will have to live with the embarrassment of everyone seeing her naked.

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Greenway: 1.6 million, Books: zip

Mecklenburg County and Matthews are opening a new “greenway” this week. This is part of the recreational program building ‘linear parks’ that allow people to ride bikes, run, walk, and enjoy nature. Things I am all for. (I don’t do them myself, mind you, but will fight for YOUR right to.) And here is the rub: This new greenway cost $1.6 million dollars. Tax Dollars. By sheer coincidence, almost the exact amount we need to keep our public libraries open. And don’t have. Cue Strother Martin: “What we have here, is a problem with priorities.” Something government has never been very good at. Continue reading

Will & Grace – Probably Will Not

Will & GraceThis doesn’t feel like it will be a popular opinion, and I am always concerned with how popular my ideas are (no, wait, I meant I am NEVER concerned with that). I watched the new Will & Grace and was not overwhelmed. I wanted to be. Society has changed in 11 years (as evidently did Debra Messing’s figure), and Sean Hayes & Megan Mullally’s lines have not. The bitchy, screaming queen dialogue & shallow gold digger persona just seems a little stale & dated in context with today’s politically correct reality (for a sitcom). Continue reading

Book Review: Scourge

Book Review Scourge (Darkhurst #1)Book Review Scourge by Gail Z. Martin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Imagine the TV show ‘Supernatural’ mated with ‘The Game of Thrones’. Don’t work too hard at it. Just read Scourge by Gail Z. Martin. It feels medieval, but could be some far-off, dystopian future. And frankly, it doesn’t matter to me which it is. It is definitely epic fantasy. And some of its best.

Three brothers inherit the family business (so far so good), in this case, undertakers, who battle ghosts, monsters and other demons. Part of their tasks are to summon the spirits, hear their confessions, and then send them to The After, using iron, salt, wards, & other semi-magical methods. The brothers hunt monsters nearly as much as they quarrel amongst themselves, while constantly concerned over each others’ safety. In other words, a real family. (Sound familiar?) Continue reading

Book Review: Fluency – SPOILER

Review: FluencyFluency by Jennifer Foehner Wells
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Review: Fluency  – A sci-fi novel in the not-too-distant future. An astronaut team ventures out to a ship threatened by an incoming asteroid and finds life. Sort of. Not a bad read. Clearly, a set-up for future sequels. The author balances the benevolence and the hidden agenda (and personality) of what they find, very well. I didn’t review this on a technical level (grammar, similes, metaphors, punctuation, etc.). I just read it to see if it was a good story that held my interest.

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Now a Published Author!

Charlotte Writers Group anthology It's About Time

Charlotte Writers Group anthology, It’s About Time

What can’t this boy do? (Give birth, get rich, & be incredibly handsome come to mind.) Well, all that aside, Paul is now a published author. Again. A few years ago, he was a featured writer in a variety of sports magazines with over 50 articles published. This May, he has two short stories published in the Charlotte Writers Group anthology, It’s About Time.

In even better news, Paul is under agreement for three more short stories to be published in a private anthology later this year, and another book featuring a collection of his short stories (early next year), while he works (occasionally) on his first novel. Sleep is so overrated.

It’s About Time

In every sense of the phrase. A number of writers from the Charlotte Writers Group contributed a variety of stories for the the nearly 300 page anthology. Labeled speculative fiction, the book crosses many genres with an overlying theme that each story is about an aspect of Time. Continue reading

My Favorite Christmas Songs

Favorite Christmas SongsFavorite Christmas Songs

I have 3 all time favorite Christmas songs (Warning: off-color humor & language – 2 of my favorite things! Real Christmas lovers will HATE these!) Special thanks to my sister, Avis, for turning me on to these classics years ago, and to Gail Martin for reminding me what I like about Christmas songs. My wife, Melinda, LOVES Christmas, but we rarely get each other gifts. We try to treat each other like it’s Christmas every day of the year. We don’t wait for one day to get a gift or do something nice. That being said, our house looks like the North Pole.
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