Classics ReMixed Vol. II

Classics ReMixed Vol. II

Classics ReMixed Vol. II - with short stories by Paul K. MetheneyClassics ReMixed Vol. II - with short stories by Paul K. MetheneyAn anthology of short stories twisting classic stories and your imagination in all new ways.

Alternate versions of stories you know taking you in new directions.

From much-loved fairy fables to time-honored tales, no genre or classic is off-limits. Classics ReMixed II spins and twists divergent versions of old favorites and stories we all know. Be prepared to have all your…

Classic ReMixed Again!

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Reviews of Classics Remixed Vol. II

A wonderfully unique collection of stories
I was honored to be able to read this unique and eclectic collection of stories. Some of the authors I have read before, and others were quite new to this reader. In a collection as grand as this, it is not easy to pick out favorites, as I enjoyed reading them all. Each storyteller has a very interesting perception and writing style, and the classic story they “remixed” is a totally new take. The stories took me on a grand reading adventure, and many of the stories I went back and reread. All of these authors have quite a talent, and if these stories are just the beginning for these writers, they will definitely go far. Anyone who has written a short story knows that it is not easy just because it’s shorter. In some ways that makes it more difficult. A very magnificent collection from a group of talented writers. I look forward to reading more by these authors. This anthology is definitely recommended by Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews.


  • Pork v. Van Pelt by Lee Mandel
    The Three Pigs sue The Big Bad Wolf
  • The Other Shoe Drops by Eric Andrews-Katz
    Cinderella like you’ve never seen her before
  • Nevermore by Jay Seate
    A dark tale even Poe’s raven could not imagine
  • Mystery of Yellow Play by Jason J. McCuiston
    Musketeers, mystification, and macabre mind control
  • Clothes Encounters by Jonathan Shipley
    An extraterrestrial twist spins an embarrassing tale
  • The Forest Green Primeval by Robert Allen Lupton
    A science fiction take on this jungle book
  • Beowulf 2.0 by Kevin Henry
    Murder, mayhem, monsters, and family reunions
  • Polyphemus and the Thieves by Chuck Thompson
    An odder odyssey
  • The Dark Knightmare by Paul K. Metheney
    Superhero, the fantasies of a comatose child, or something worse?
  • The Traveler by Steve Rouse
    Time machine twist or fantastic future?
  • Princess Charming by Tom Howard
    A fairy tale princess who needs no rescuing
  • The Hare’s Revenge by Aaron Hollingsworth
    The tortoise and the hare: the sequel
  • Stoker’s Guest by Gary Earl Ross
    An author’s story slashed from history
  • Upon A Star by Paul K. Metheney
    Not your Papa’s Pinocchio.
  • A Full Remodel by Ann Stawski
    The three pigs…the wolf…only on a talk show
  • Repunae by Aaron Hollingsworth
    Rapunzel like you can never see her again
  • Perfidy to Pyre: The Fate of Puss in Boots by Michelle Mellon
    A Kitty Conundrum in Carabas
  • The Nightmare of Briar Rose by Bridget Weldon
    A sleeping beauty struggles in the land of dreams
  • She Calls by Thomas Beck
    Telltale heartbreak
  • Gorgon Not Forgotten by Christopher Nadeau
    Revenge is a dish best served by family
  • When River Fought Sea by Aaron Hollingsworth
    Pan and Poseidon incite an infernal origin
  • The Little Starmaid by Rowena McGowan
    Who needs to swim and sing when you can walk among the stars?
  • Red Queen, Mad Queen by Phoenix Grimm
    The Queen of Hearts is always your worst bet
  • The Hangman Always Tugs Twice by Jack Bates
    The Wife of Bath, a Canterbury tale retold
  • It’s a Long Way to Grandma’s by Rory Robertson
    World War II seen through Red’s eyes
  • Fairy Tale Ending by Elizabeth Hosang
    Payback is a…Cinderella