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Start Living NOW!

Morgan Freeman

In regards to age: A friend of mine says “we are in the 4th quarter of life”. Depressing much? Another jackass friend of mine says “we have more life behind us than in front of us.” Why do I even get up in the morning? I’ll be dust soon. Bonnie Raitt has a line in …

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Cincinnati Zoo: Solar Screw Up!

The Cinci Zoo, “the Greenest Zoo in America”, installed a canopy of 6,400 solar panels to reduce their $700,000 electric bill by 20%. 20% of $700k is $140,000. The solar panel project cost $11 million. That’s right. Eleven. Million. Dollars. They won’t break even for 78.5 years. Does anyone but me think this doesn’t add up? And here is the funniest part: They’re proud of this achievement.

Sexting, Child Porn & Parental Idiocy

Parenting should be about teaching resposnsibility

The 13 yr old girl who sends her own naked photo gets her cell privileges taken and throws a fit. Other 13 year olds sext her nude photos virally and maliciously say they “didn’t know it was wrong” and get off with a hand slap. Does anyone but me want to fine all the PARENTS for child neglect, gross stupidity and just bad parenting?

Greenway: 1.6 million, Books: zip

Matthews & Mecklenburg Co. spent $1.6 million of our tax dollars on a “nature” park for the wealthiest citizens to ride bikes in spandex, breathe fresh air, and walk their spoiled dogs, but have to close down libraries where kids with eager minds and seniors, who can’t afford to buy books. I’m so proud I could bust! We should have safe places to enjoy nature. In fact, we do. It’s called “Outdoors.” It’s free. Try it.

Will & Grace – Probably Will Not

Will & Grace

This doesn’t feel like it will be a popular opinion, and I am always concerned with how popular my ideas are (no, wait, I meant I am NEVER concerned with that). I watched the new Will & Grace and was not overwhelmed. I wanted to be. Society has changed in 11 years (as evidently did …

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Book Review: Scourge

Book review Scourge by Gail Z. Martin

Book Review Scourge by Gail Z. Martin My rating: 5 of 5 stars Imagine the TV show ‘Supernatural’ mated with ‘The Game of Thrones’. Don’t work too hard at it. Just read Scourge by Gail Z. Martin. It feels medieval, but could be some far-off, dystopian future. And frankly, it doesn’t matter to me which …

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My Favorite Christmas Songs

Favorite Christmas Songs I have 3 all time favorite Christmas songs (Warning: off-color humor & language – 2 of my favorite things! Real Christmas lovers will HATE these!) Special thanks to my sister, Avis, for turning me on to these classics years ago, and to Gail Martin for reminding me what I like about Christmas …

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Forced to be Super-Gay pt2

Lipstick Lesbians & Tight Leather Outfits If Greg Berlanti wants to use his TV shows to promote an over-the-top gay rights agenda (hey, they are HIS shows after all!), cool. I have the choice to NOT watch them if I feel the writing insults our intelligence.  But let’s get real, for real. Not all lesbians …

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Forced to be Super Gay?

Let’s start off by stating: I am NOT homophobic. I AM agenda-phobic, stereotypically-adverse, and anti-populist (No, I didn’t watch Seinfeld and never will, just because everyone said I HAD to). My rant is not even about the fact that EVERY TV show feels it must portray at least one major character as LGBTQ. But … …

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DragonCon Atlanta: Letting Your Freak Flag Fly!

Superman, Supergirl, Nightwing at DragonCon Atlanta

(Okay, maybe some people have taken that a little TOO seriously.) I have been told by some of my writer friends that you need sci-fi conventions to help market your books. I am a few years away from needing to market any novels I have written and it’s a good thing. It will take me that long …

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