Boycotting Berlanti? pt1

Boycotting Berlanti? pt1

BatwomanThe Agenda Marches On

Greg Berlanti, one of the creators of the CW’s Arrowverse (Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, etc.) introduces yet another gay character to the Arrowverse. AM I shocked? No. Mr. Berlanti has made it very clear in various interviews, but more importantly, in his show-running, that he is actively promoting a pro-gay agenda. This wouldn’t even bother me, but the gay characters he is putting in the show are…poorly written.

I Am Not Homophobic.

Greg_BerlantiI AM against stereotypes, 2-dimensional characters, personal agendas, shoddy character development and weak writing. In interviews, Mr. Berlanti has spoken about his family being very understanding and accepting of his lifestyle/nature. Cool. Except…he creates that same exact situation for every gay character in his shows. (Can you say “Love, Simon” and “The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy”? I think you can.)  Ahem…Gay characters who display huge intolerances for anyone they disagree with. The world is not that black and white. In what universe is everyone 110% tolerant of different orientations, religious beliefs, races without any friction at all? (The Arrowverse obviously.) That friction could be used to generate drama and more 3-dimensional characters. Nope. We’re going to go with everyone loves everyone no matter what. Even if they are dicks to everyone, who disagrees with them.

On Every Show? Really?

  • Mr. Terrific from ArrowArrow – Curtis Holt (Mr. Terrific – a main character: gay) – His husband divorces him and in the blink of an eye, he finds some cop to be “cute.” By shear coincidence, that one cop is gay too.
  • Arrow – Batwoman: gay – coming next season. Ironically, the one actually gay character in the comics.
  • The Flash – Captian Cold: gay – from a different universe (our straight, villainous one died) getting married to The Ray (another comic book hero who was straight in the comics.) Barry’s old police captain was in a gay relationship too but seemed to be written off the show. But don’t worry, we brought in Captain Cold to keep the quota up.
  • Black Lightning – Thunder – Black Lightning’s daughter: gay – a main character. To their credit, they downplay that some now. However, they have other drums to beat. See below.
  • Supergirl – Kara’s adopted sister, Alex: gay – a main character. See my article about this travesty.
  • Legends of Tomorrow – White Canary, a main character: gay – became captain of the Waverider because she bullies everyone else. Also, pretty much every female guest star is gay to become a possible love interest for her.
  • Riverdale – Archie Comics Berlanti produced series for TV features … wait for it … “Kevin Keller – A popular high school student who’s openly gay.”
  • UPDATE: “A recent casting rumor for Supergirl’s upcoming fourth season suggests that The CW series will be adding a significant new character to show — a transgender woman who might just be a superhero herself.


To be continued…