Forced to be Super Gay?

Forced to be Super Gay?

super-symbolLet’s start off by stating: I am NOT homophobic. I AM agenda-phobic, stereotypically-adverse, and anti-populist (No, I didn’t watch Seinfeld and never will, just because everyone said I HAD to). My rant is not even about the fact that EVERY TV show feels it must portray at least one major character as LGBTQ. But … can’t we just use being a superhero as a metaphor or do these producers think the American public is so stupid that we must be literally hit in the face with it?


Alex on Supergirl comes out
Alex on Supergirl comes out

In a recent episode of Supergirl, Kara (Supergirl’s) adopted sister, Alex, comes out of the closet, figuratively pushed out by lesbian police officer, Maggie. Everyone is very accepting and supportive of her announcement (okay, THAT is not the real world. Some people would not be supportive, but… whatever. Missed opportunity for some realistic drama, Greg.).

Then, (this is the part that really frosts my nuggets) Alex, Kara, and practically everyone else, FORCES THEIR VALUES on the character Mon-El to be a hero, just because he has powers. Does no one else see the irony in that?

So, it’s okay to NOT accept the straight, white guy AS HE IS, but we are BAD if we don’t accept Alex as gay? “Would you like your standards doubled or two sided?”

But wait. It gets better. Alex, then, verbally forces M’Gann (Ms. Martian) to give J’onn (Jonz, the Martian Manhunter) a blood transfusion regardless of her “religious or social beliefs” and in spite of M’Gann’s resistance. She is a White Martian and I can see the metaphor for AIDS in the transfusion. But M’Gann buckles to the pressure (from the recently self-proclaimed gay girl) and gives the J’onn character blood that will kill him just because Alex pushed her to do it. So … Alex, who didn’t even want to talk about being gay (to her supportive sister), thinks it’s okay to force someone else [to kill someone] despite their religious or social beliefs?

This show is really starting to suck.

Disproportionate Portrayals

Almost every broadcast TV superhero show (in which Greg Berlanti dominates the category as writer/producer i.e. Arrow/Flash/Legends of Tomorrow/Supergirl), by California Law, must have at least one or two characters be gay (that’s sarcasm you are smelling). First of all, the actual stats of alternate lifestyles range from only 3.8% to 8.3% of the U.S. population estimated to be LGBT (depending on where you look them up at), yet it is shoved down our throats day after day on TV. Greg Berlanti is openly gay and an activist, so he pushes his personal agenda on everyone who watches his shows. I love the comic book genre. That being said, it is starting to get ridiculous. I used to fast-forward through Callista Flockhart’s scenes because … well, she’s Callista Flockhart. Now, I fast forward through the Alex and Maggie scenes because the scenes are so flagrantly over dramatized and cater down to the intellect of the 10 year old market, who aren’t even allowed to watch a show rated like this.

To be continued…