Texas Hold’em Poker Lessons pt.0

Texas Hold’em Poker Lessons pt.0

Learning PokerI’ve had a few friends ask me “how to play poker?” and against my better judgement, I thought I would help out. Rather than give them lessons, I thought it might be better to write it up as blog articles. I also figured it might help me tighten up my game bit. I am by no means an expert (Go buy Doyle Brunson’s Books!) and refuse to be held responsible if anyone is crazy enough to follow my advice. Some of this I learned by reading everything I could get my hands at the book store about poker, some I learned the hard way, and some I have YET to learn.

What to Teach About Poker…

I’ve given this a little thought, and these articles will be starting with the person that knows NOTHING about the game and quickly progress to the medium advanced players. As we go along, I hope to add hyperlinks to the topics below, so you can jump to various topics from this page. I will also add to this list as key concepts occur to me.

  1. Hold’em Basic Rules – we will cover this only lightly as almost everyone has seen it on TV and is the easiest part of the game
  2. Poker Logistics
    1. Table Etiquette – this may be a two parter
    2. Table & Seat Selection
    3. Casino poker rooms – what to expect
  3. The 3 Levels of Playing Hold’em
    1. Playing Your Own Cards
    2. Playing the Other Guy’s Cards
      1. Tells or Reading Players
    3. Playing with the Other Guys Mind
  4. The Right Mindset for the Game
  5. Bettering Your Game
    1. Rules to Live By
    2. Selective Aggression
    3. The Gap Concept
    4. Your Poker Toolkit
      1. Bluffing
  6. Tournament Strategy
  7. Misc Odds

To be continued…

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