Book Review: Fluency – SPOILER

Review: FluencyFluency by Jennifer Foehner Wells
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Review: Fluency  – A sci-fi novel in the not-too-distant future. An astronaut team ventures out to a ship threatened by an incoming asteroid and finds life. Sort of. Not a bad read. Clearly, a set-up for future sequels. The author balances the benevolence and the hidden agenda (and personality) of what they find, very well. I didn’t review this on a technical level (grammar, similes, metaphors, punctuation, etc.). I just read it to see if it was a good story that held my interest.

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Now a Published Author!

Charlotte Writers Group anthology It's About Time

Charlotte Writers Group anthology, It’s About Time

What can’t this boy do? (Give birth, get rich, & be incredibly handsome come to mind.) Well, all that aside, Paul is now a published author. Again. A few years ago, he was a featured writer in a variety of sports magazines with over 50 articles published. This May, he has two short stories published in the Charlotte Writers Group anthology, It’s About Time.

In even better news, Paul is under agreement for three more short stories to be published in a private anthology later this year, and another book featuring a collection of his short stories (early next year), while he works (occasionally) on his first novel. Sleep is so overrated. Continue reading

My Favorite Christmas Songs

Favorite Christmas SongsFavorite Christmas Songs

I have 3 all time favorite Christmas songs (Warning: off-color humor & language – 2 of my favorite things! Real Christmas lovers will HATE these!) Special thanks to my sister, Avis, for turning me on to these classics years ago, and to Gail Martin for reminding me what I like about Christmas songs. My wife, Melinda, LOVES Christmas, but we rarely get each other gifts. We try to treat each other like it’s Christmas every day of the year. We don’t wait for one day to get a gift or do something nice. That being said, our house looks like the North Pole.
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Forced to be Super-Gay pt2

Lipstick Lesbians & Tight Leather Outfits

Caity Lotz plays White Canary, smoking hot lesbian

Caity Lotz plays White Canary, a smoking hot lesbian

If Greg Berlanti wants to use his TV shows to promote an over-the-top gay rights agenda (hey, they are HIS shows after all!), cool. I have the choice to NOT watch them if I feel the writing insults our intelligence.  But let’s get real, for real. Not all lesbians wear tight leather battlesuits with super-model figures, styled hair, perfect makeup, and are smoking hot. I guess in the Berlanti-verse they are. But doesn’t that insult the Body Positive crowd? In the real world, gay people come in all shapes and sizes. (See Modern Family) On these shows, they only come in size 2. On Arrow, the White Canary was gay (“bi”? she did do Oliver Queen for a while) until they moved her over to Legends of Tomorrow, because one sixth of every Berlanti super hero team MUST be gay. Greg then replaced her with a handsome (gay) black man on Arrow. As a matter of fact, every character in these “dramas” are required to be pretty (yes, I’m talking to you, Stephen Amell!). I guess an agenda is fine as long as it sells soap. Reality be damned! Continue reading

Forced to be Super Gay?

super-symbolLet’s start off by stating: I am NOT homophobic. I AM agenda-phobic, stereotypically-adverse, and anti-populist (No, I didn’t watch Seinfeld and never will, just because everyone said I HAD to). My rant is not even about the fact that EVERY TV show feels it must portray at least one major character as LGBTQ. But … can’t we just use being a superhero as a metaphor or do these producers think the American public is so stupid that we must be literally hit in the face with it?

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Writing Rejection & Other Funnies Part 3

1400fYou just received your fifth rejection letter for a book you submitted. You’re in good company. A few other writer’s received their fair share of rejection before “doing okay” with the whole writing thing.

LitRejections & Online College

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Writing Rejection & Other Funnies Part 4

1406Rejection slips getting you down, Bunky? Well, stand back, because a few the best have gotten some of the most.  Keep submitting, keep writing. Keep editing and re-writing. Check out

  • An endless nightmare. I think the verdict would be ‘Oh don’t read that horrid book.” Publisher rejects The War Of The Worlds by H.G. Wells. It is soon published in 1898, and has been in print ever since.
  • Our united opinion is entirely against the book. It is very long, and rather old-fashioned.” Publisher rejects Moby Dick by Herman Melville. It is later published by Harper & Brothers, who release a first print run of 3000 copies. Only 50 of these sell during the author’s lifetime. Continue reading

Writing Rejection & Other Funnies Part 2

1400bYou know what’s worse than being rejected by an agent or publisher? Being the agent or publisher that rejected Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, J.D. Salinger, or Dr. Seuss. These come from a site called Have faith, fledgling author, maybe your book is like one of these greats… or not. Sometimes a dog is just a dog. Make sure you are telling a good story. There is no excuse for bad punctuation, formatting, typos, or word mis-usage. Yes, you can break a few rules, but be prepared for rejections. We all get them. Wear yours like a badge of honor. Perseverance is part of the business.



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Writing Rejection & Other Funnies Part 1

1400dYou are a writer wannabe. You  are banging away on that Great American Novel. It’s finally finished. You submit to various agents and publishers to get a few rejections letters. You are despondent. The bath tub and some razors are calling your name. Buck up, Bunky. You are not the first to ever get a rejection letter. Some of those authors actually did okay for themselves. Check out: Continue reading

RV Glossary

RV, recreational vehicle, motorhome, reviewA list of common RV terms to make you sound more like an experienced RVer. We will add to this list very often. Stay tuned.

  • Dinghy – a car, boat, jet skis, or trailer for motorcycles that is trailered behind an RV. Like a yacht’s dinghy, to use for local transportation.
  • Fulltimers – people who live in their RVs all the time. No fixed home.
  • Part Timers – people who use an RV for just vacations but don’t live in year round.
  • Rig – what real RVers call their motorhomes, or RVs. This term has been around for a LONG time.

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