Sawyer Brown Band Rocks Lancaster

The Sawyer Brown Band, a country rock band that has been kicking for 35+ years jammed in Lancaster SC Saturday Dec 12th. Front man, Mark Miller, showed the same energy and moves displayed when the band won the Star Search reality show in 1983. As he tells his kids “we were the first American Idols.” They say “Right, dad.” The band has been together for nearly 3 and half decades with a only a few changes in personnel, creating over 23 “albums”. They started their ‘Christmas show’ with some up tempo holiday music and then rolled into some of their hits from the last 30 years. One of the high points of the evening was the love song Mark wrote for his wife of 26 years, “Smokin’ Hot Wife“. Continue reading

Tantrum Band Energizes Local Bars

Tantrum rocks Stooges in Charlotte

Tantrum rocks Stooges in Charlotte

The band Tantrum rocked Stooges, a local establishment in Mint Hill/Charlotte this weekend. We have seen them on several occasions at various places, including Lure in Charlotte. Lead singer, Joanna Llambias never fails to belt out high energy vocals, sometimes from the top of a table or bar. She is not above climbing on furniture to make the show fun. Tantrum specializes in classic rock. I recommend you try and see them at their next gig! Continue reading

Home Free Videos pt2

Home FreeOn Dec. 7th, we saw Home Free, the country a capella group, in Charlotte and here are some pieces of videos. The group rocked the Knight Theater at Blumenthal. Tim Foust’s bass voice rumbled the hairs on the back of my neck! If you are interested in hearing great vocals, check  out this group online. Continue reading

Home Free Vocal Group in Charlotte, NC

HomeFreeHomeFree1, THE a capella country vocal group, brought their tour to Charlotte, NC last night and as usual these guys were awesome! Besides being immensely talented, the band demonstrates the best sense of humor in the any entertainment industry, making fun of everything from previous tour dates to themselves. The most interesting part of Home Free‘s musical talent is that they perform with no musical instruments at all!

Home Free: The Group

If you don’t know anything about the group, shame on you! Only kidding. They are an extremely talented vocal group that won Sing Off on NBC a few years ago and have been around for about a dozen years, making it bigger in the last few. They have 3 albums out by Columbia Records, their first album (Crazy Life) went to #1 in country and #4 overall on iTunes. Last year, they released a Christmas album, Full of Cheer, and this year, Country Evolution. Continue reading

  1. yes, I deliberately spell the group’s name differently to make sure it gets picked up on Social Media! []

DragonCon Atlanta: Letting Your Freak Flag Fly!

Superman, Supergirl, Nightwing at DragonCon Atlanta

Superman, Supergirl, Nightwing at DragonCon Atlanta

(Okay, maybe some people have taken that a little TOO seriously.) I have been told by some of my writer friends that you need sci-fi conventions to help market your books. I am a few years away from needing to market any novels I have written and it’s a good thing. It will take me that long to rinse the ‘crazy’ out of my hair.

DragonCon is one the country’s largest science fiction conventions in the country (definitely not in the same league as San Diego’s ComicCon, but pretty big.) I asked a cop directing traffic and he was told that the convention generated 200,000 people and the same day was the first college football game in own. Continue reading

Apple Watch… JUNE?!?!


Apple Watch boarding pass  may have you on time..

Apple Watch boarding pass may have you on time..

So.. okay. I forgot to get up at 3:00am Eastern Time and order my Apple Watch online. From what I heard, there was a server meltdown anyway and the Apple web server was out for a while. So I woke up at 8am and immediately ordered the Apple Watch online. The online Apple shopping cart system tells me I won’t get the Apple watch till JUNE????   JUNE??? Plus Apple Care and tax, we are talking about paying $480 for a watch and it will take 2 months to ship to my house? In what universe does that sound right? Continue reading

Creating Iconic Characters

Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock

Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock

The  recent passing of Leonard Nimoy started me thinking about movie or TV characters that have become iconic, or impactful to the world or society in general. They have changed the way we think about character types. This usually means that they changed our thinking about something or created a vision that was unique.  Sometimes it was the writers that created the uniqueness (in the case of Mr. Spock) and sometimes it was the actor that made their characters special and in some very rare cases it was a magical combination of both. In the case of original thinking in character creation, I am jealous as a writer. Continue reading

Apple Watch P.1

Apple WatchI have had some friends that have some ambiguous feelings about the upcoming Apple Watch. Let’s just say… I am not one of them. I feel that the Apple Watch will be the next step in personal computing in that it brings many of the best features of an iPhone to our wrists and therefore closer (and faster) and more integrated into our daily lives. Some technophobic people may never embrace the wearable computing lifestyle andthat’s okay. It makes those of us who enjoy the benefits of real-life inst-tech that much more efficient and you know…. cooler.

So my slightly techno-phobic friends ask “But what does it do?” Glad you asked…

Continue reading

The Lodge at Telico Plains, TN

The Lodge at TelicoThis weekend the boys of the Thornhill MC (“Bad to the Bone when our wives let us be”) went on a little road trip on our bikes and had a great time. I want ed to make sure we mentioned The Lodge at Telico. In Telico Plains, TN (which is at the end of the Cherohala Skyway and the Tail of the Dragon), if you turn left off the Skyway, go about a mile down on your right, you will see The Lodge at Telico. Continue reading

The Thornhill MC Does The Cherohala

Thornhill MC

The Thornhill MC in Sylva NC eating lunch at LuLu’s

This weekend, the boys from the Thornhill Motorcycle Club (“Born to Rake Leaves”) rode from Charlotte to Robbinsville, NC then rode the Cherohala Skyway to stay overnight in Telico Plains, TN. Bob, Big, Poppa Danno and Wyngman rode 280+ miles each way for a great weekend excursion. We ate dinner at KramBonz BBQ where our waitress called me “Baby Cakes” and “Love Bug” and Bob: “Sweetie Pie”. We had a drink at a seafood place that didn’t have hush puppies or corn puppies. What’s the point? We only saw one accident on the Skyway. A crotch rocket littered his bike allover (that’s a $500 fine you know).


Special thanks to Herman “Big” Barnes for organizing everything and Danny “Poppa Danno” Barbour for the idea of staying in Telico vs Robbinsville. The Lodge at Telico had much mroe personality and style and the ride was so much better that way. Continue reading