Atlantis Resort, Bahamas Review Pt.2

Atlantis Resort, Bahamas Review Pt.2

The Atlantis Resort from our room

The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas is a good getaway and we had fun despite the steep prices and hidden charges, but there were a few negatives.

  • The room closet had a tear across the door where the chain lock from the room door scraped it through to the wood.
  • The resort was so huge that to get to anything was a mile long walk
  • The casino seemed to focus on higher rollers than Joe Bluecollar as blackjack stakes were $15-$25 – $500 per hand.
  • The service was on “Island Time” which meant “Please wait one moment” was 30 minutes. Take a book everywhere!
  • The Lagoon (domed) Grill closed due to rain shutting down the grill because rain short circuits the grill. Really? Does it never rain there?
  • The wait times at all 17 restaurants seemed a bit long, even with reservations.
  • The food quality ranged from poor to medium to okay. We had steak and lobster that was cold and nearly inedible. The burgers were  okay, but not worth $10-17. The rib appetizers at the barbecue place were good. The steak and key lime pie at SeaFire was excellent and the portions were almost as big as the wait.
  • There was NO poker room. Considering they host a WPT championship there, this seemed odd. Considering how it impacts my revenue during vacations, this seemed criminal!
  • No free Internet ANYWHERE in the hotel. You could use one of their computers for 15 minutes, but forget bringing an iPad or laptop unless you want to pay $19.95 per day. The roaming International fees associated with using my Verizon MiFi card would require a second mortgage.
  • The pool decks were crowded to the point of not finding lounge chairs.


SeaTrek Adventure lets you walk underwater in the shark tank at Atlantis Resort for $115 per pers. for 20 minutes.
SeaTrek Adventure lets you walk underwater in the shark tank at Atlantis Resort for $115 per pers. for 20 minutes.

On there other hand, there were a few things about the trip that were on a more positive note…

  • Most of the staff was genuinely friendly and helpful. There seemed to be two types: Friendly  and conversational and those  who hated their jobs and everyone and everything associated with it… meaning us. Luckily, they were the minority.
  • The meal portions were huge. Pricey but big.
  • The room was clean and decent (not $339 per night decent), but considering there was a $10 per night charge for maid service, clean enough.
  • You could smoke cigars in Plato’s Bar and most indoor areas.
  • The water slides were fun.
  • One of the few places that you can swim with the dolphins, interact with sea lions, snorkel with mantas and Sea Trek with sharks.

The Atlantis trip was fun (we were there in 2000), but after you have done it once, I don’t see any point in going again. The pricing and devious nature of hidden charges that they almost force you into are more than bit annoying. Try Aruba, St Martin or even Cancun. It will more affordable and give you just as great of beaches!